Happy New Financial Year!

Traditionally, people set goals for themselves at the start of a new calendar year. However, during our 2017 tax planning meetings with clients..

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Many Important Updates for Business Clients and Property Investors

As is the case with tax, things are always changing and with the recent passing of the reduced company tax rate in the senate, there are a number of beneficial changes for businesses turning over between $2-10 million.

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Why we will see dramatic improvements in our economy in the next 3 years.

I’d think those of us in business and property would all agree that the last 10 years have been difficult to say the least! We have had a major realignment in the international economy and, even though Australia has fared well, we have still had to contend with issues; particularly our regional areas which have gone through a major adjustment.

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Welcome to 2017 and the first edition to this year’s newsletters!

I hope you are well rested and had a good Christmas break – although it feels like it is never long enough! I have prewritten this newsletter to you all as I am currently..

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New Year Check List For Property Investors

The beginning of a New Year sees opportunities to review and take stock of your investment property portfolio so that you are ready for the next tax season.As a As a property investor, what should you review before 30 June this year? property investor, what should you review before 30 June this year?

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TAX Q&A Your Tax Questions Answered

Q: I was hoping you could shed some light on our tax circumstances. My wife and I purchased Property A in 2010 in Victoria. The land title was under my wife's name only, but the loan and mortgage were in both our names.

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