Question: My husband and I purchased a block of land with an existing dwelling on it, with the genuine intention to demolish the existing house and build a new dwelling for our retirement.

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March 2018 Tax Q&A

Question: I want to take out a loan from my business (a company) in order to invest in listed shares under my personal name. Are there any tax consequences to this?

By WSC Group | Created on March 8, 2018


Now we are in March I have to stop wishing a “Happy New Year” to our clients, as we are almost a quarter of the way through the 2018 calendar year.

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February 2018 Q&A:

Question: I am a sole trader carrying on business and am registered for GST. I currently has no employees. However, I intend to employee a full-time nanny to assist my family..

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February always signals the end of the summer holidays and the start of the normal business year. Obviously, when we start the New Year we like to set our goals for the year ahead to ensure that our financial situation..

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December 2017 Q&A Blog

We have undertaken a multi-unit development. All but three (3) units were sold with the developer choosing to keep these and lease them out.

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November 2017 Q & A

We have owned a weatherboard house as a rental property for over 40 years.

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October 2017 Q & A

I have inherited cray-fishing pots from my husband; however, I am unable to fish myself due to age. I would like to enter a Share Fishing Agreement..

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Is Your Business Properly Protected?

Business owners are often focused on important and pressing issues. Between serving your existing clients, winning new ones and meeting deadlines,..

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Now, during the middle of the busy tax season, WSC Group aim to maintain a high level of communication with our clients and complete your work in a timely manner...

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