We provide expert independent audit and reviews of financial statements, providing strength and sustaining confidence.


Places of Worship

Charities and NGOs

Educational Facilities


We audit over 110 organisations, working closely with medium and large not-for-profit organisations including health care and disability services, education, foundations, investment trusts, and overseas aid organisations. We also provide audit and reviews for corporate clients and strata plans.


We frequently present our audit and financial statements and audit overview at board, sub-committee and/or Annual General Meetings, covering audit items including:

  1. Evaluation of the organisation's internal controls;
  2. Suggestions of processes which can be improved upon; and,
    1. Not-for-profits

      As audit specialists in the not-for-profit sector, we understand the different requirements you face and can ensure we meet your unique needs.

    2. Corporate

      We assist our business clients become more resilient, agile and better prepared for the future.

    3. Internal Audits

      Our internal audits evaluate your company's internal controls, including corporate governance and accounting processes to improve overall operations.

    1. Grants and Acquittals

      We provide assurance over grant funding and can ensure opportune acquittals.

    2. Due Diligence

      We provide an independent opinion of financial operations to help you make a confident decision regarding any mergers or acquisitions.

    3. Limited Scope

      Our limited scope assurance engagements allow smaller organisations to access tailored and quality assurance services at an affordable price.